Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Meet the Pups

*This was previously on my old blog but I like this post. I like to show people my adorable pups, can you blame me?*

It's time to introduce two important family members to this blog so here we go.

Coming in first is Chiquita, age 10. A beautiful beagle with white, brown, and a hint of black fur. One special feature she has is a white arrow on her back that points to her tail. She likes short walks, sleeping, rolling in grass, and bossing around her younger sister. Her dislikes include the word no, getting picked up, and being ignored for more than 2 seconds.

And last but not least is Bella, age 4. A lovely blend of beagle and pug making her a puggle. She has fawn fur, a squishy face, and a classic pug tail. Some of her favorite things include dropped food, belly scratches, staying out of the sun, and making sure Chiquita has everything she needs. Her dislikes include fireworks, thunderstorms, loud noises, and strangers in the yard. 

And there you have it, my two favorite living beings!

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Blizzard 2015

If you've been watching the news lately, you would know that the Midwest was hit with a huge snow storm this weekend. 

This storm started Saturday night and didn't stop until Monday morning. It was bad for anyone who had to go to work, clean their car, or do anything that involves venturing to the great outdoors. (aka me)

On Saturday night I was out when it started and while I was driving home, I could tell that it was going to be bad. The next morning I had to work at 7 am about forty minutes from my house.

As I said, it was horrible. The streets weren't clean and I was tired. 

Once I got home, all was well because I no longer had to go outside for necessary stuff. Instead I went out for fun with my dogs and watched my dad, brother, and mom clean the snow (I'm the supervisor of the operation of course)

Only one of my dogs enjoyed being outside, the other one only lasted a few minutes. It was still fun!

Look at that attempted selfie.

There we go.

Stay warm everyone!

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Netflix Binges

Like many, I am guilty of going on Netflix binges. You know, watching numerous episodes of a TV show (or seasons, lets be real) in a day.

I've been doing it since I've gotten my account and I've found some awesome new shows and re watched some good classics.

Here's my list of shows that are good to binge watch!

Orange Is The New Black

I gave in to the hype about this show and fell in love pretty fast. The casting is amazing and I love seeing all types of women represented. I also enjoy seeing the back stories and the how it shows realistic characters. I can't wait until season 3!

Law & Order: SVU
My sister was the one that got me into watching SVU. She used to watch it and eventually I started to watch with her and then I realized I knew all of the story lines. I like how this show imitates big public cases and adds their own twists to them. One downfall of the show is that I miss Stabler. The show isn't the same without him and I prefer to watch the episodes that he is in. (To be honest, what happened with Olivia in recent episodes, wouldn't have happened if he were there)

New Girl
I decided to watch this show because I didn't have anything else to watch. I started to watch and got bored and left it at that for a while. Then I got bored again and went for it. Now I love all the characters and I identify with Jess Day and how she thinks. The fact that she has her theme song in her head is VERY me.

Gossip Girl
The beginning seasons of this show were amazing and I loved everything about them but as the show progressed, it wasn't that good. The story lines were dragged out and the ending was rushed. Overall, I still love this show and I'm glad the couples I wanted to be end game were indeed end game. Ed Westwick is still out there killin' it with his looks and charm.

Desperate Housewives
At first, I didn't think I would like this show, I mean, I'm not a suburban middle aged mother. I ended up watching this like crazy and felt like I should be drinking wine that I can't legally consume and fighting with the husband that I don't have. Again, I love this show and this was how my love for Eva Longoria started. Her character is everything I wish to be...minus a few things.

I love this show so much and it holds a special place in my heart. As does JD/ Zach Braff. I still rewatch this when I'm down and it always makes me laugh. I heard rumors that it was being taken down though?? When you're feeling sad just listen to JD and Turk sing Guy Love and I promise you'll feel better.

Bob's Burgers
This is what I'm currently watching but I'm running out of episodes fast. Adult cartoons are amazing in general but this is kind of different. Instead of focusing on politics, it's an actual cartoon that was made to make the audience happy. I love all of the characters, especially Louise. I see myself in her the most, which is kind of scary (she's kind of scary).

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

2015 Goals

Before I start, I'd like to point out that I'm well aware that this should have been posted a few weeks ago but sooner is better than never.

As the story goes, I've left my old blog behind and started this new one with the hopes that it would be a better reflection of myself. I started in the new year because that's when I, like many others, felt the most positive. At the beginning of the year, anything seems possible. So I'm starting off by listing some goals that I have because I have found that writing them down helps getting them done. 

Start a new blog.
I can say that I've successfully done this.

Post regularly.
This is where it gets hard. I'm going to work on a post a week and when that is easy, I'll up it some more. 

Network with other bloggers.
With my last blog, I didn't take advantage of the blogging community. I was a silent reader and I want to be actively involved.

Open a savings account.
I need to stop putting all of my money in my checking account.

Save money.
Like many other people, I have the bad habit of buying little things during the day. Things that are unnecessary like a candy bar or chips. All of that adds up eventually.

Meal plan.
I live alone and I have all of this food that sometimes goes bad because I get lazy and order food instead. Planning my meals makes sure I eat the food I already have and stops me from spending money on extras.

Wash makeup off before bed.
I'm guilty of doing this often even though I know it's bad. It's such a drag to do but it's something so simple. 

Drink more water.
This shouldn't be hard since I can only afford water. (Probably no need to put this as a goal)

Write in my journal. 
Writing in my journal is relaxing and helps me get out all of my emotions. It's helpful because I'm the type of person to bottle up my emotions and let it out over simple things. 

Read two books a month.
I used to be such an avid reader and I've been slacking lately. I love reading and I've been doing well with starting off this goal. 

Leave the country at least once. 
I want to vacation somewhere that isn't the grand United States. If that means driving to Canada or Mexico and back then that is fine with me.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


I'd like to formally introduce you to my new blog at a new name, a much better name than my last, if I do say so myself. 

I'm not that great at introductions but hey I'm trying.

I plan on telling tales of a confused 20 year old college student that is trying to figure life out. 

To begin, here's fifteen facts about me. 
1. My name is Janette (obviously)

2. Born the year of The Lion King.

3. From the suburbs of the Windy City.

4. Proudly Mexican American.

5. Awkward situation laugher.

6. Lover of all animals, with an extra strong love for dogs.

7. Health science major without a plan.

8. Pasta enthusiast.

9. Selfie supporter.

10. A walking hyperbole. 

11. Owner of countless shades of red lipstick.

12. Believer in the oxford comma.

13. Loves bad puns and jokes.

14. Great procrastinator.

15. Extraordinary car dancer and singer.

Love Janette