Monday, January 26, 2015

Classroom Habits

I'm a people watcher. People are interesting and I like to observe from afar in different situations. This time in particular was in my biology class.

I sit in the back of a large lecture room and I can see everyone in front of me. I've seen people actually following along with the power point of the day, many on social media, and some straight up watching full length movies with their headphones.

I'm the type of person who has a hard time concentrating in class and learn better on my own. I benefit from reading and taking notes on my own time but going to class is another story. I've found myself doing other things like making lists, going on social media, looking at blogs, and writing this post (guilty).

Because I do this I think about skipping class entirely but my attendance does unfortunately count. So like many, I often times don't pay attention in class and feel bad later on because college is expensive as heck. But that's just not how I learn and I manage to get more done by going to class and doing other things.

To be fair, I do look like I'm focused to not be rude to the teacher. Still, it's just hard to be focused when I don't accomplish anything from it.

Any one else like this?

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  1. I prefer learning on my own, that's why most literature classes (Economics etc) is usually so plain boring for me. I am always making plans and lists in my head. I am sometimes guilty and sometimes not, as I am at least present there as a person and not skipping the class. Though it's a whole another thing that I am there for attendance only, haha!

    Noor's Place

    1. Sometimes it's easier to go just to plan stuff out that has nothing to do with the class haha

  2. I am a people watcher too! I usually am just quiet in one corner and observe people. I thought I was weird, but hello! :D

    College was tough, but like me I believe you'll make it. Because you have the willingness.