Wednesday, January 14, 2015


I'd like to formally introduce you to my new blog at a new name, a much better name than my last, if I do say so myself. 

I'm not that great at introductions but hey I'm trying.

I plan on telling tales of a confused 20 year old college student that is trying to figure life out. 

To begin, here's fifteen facts about me. 
1. My name is Janette (obviously)

2. Born the year of The Lion King.

3. From the suburbs of the Windy City.

4. Proudly Mexican American.

5. Awkward situation laugher.

6. Lover of all animals, with an extra strong love for dogs.

7. Health science major without a plan.

8. Pasta enthusiast.

9. Selfie supporter.

10. A walking hyperbole. 

11. Owner of countless shades of red lipstick.

12. Believer in the oxford comma.

13. Loves bad puns and jokes.

14. Great procrastinator.

15. Extraordinary car dancer and singer.

Love Janette


  1. Hello fellow red lipstick lover and great procrastinator. :)
    Looking forward to read more from you on your new blog.

  2. What a lovely first blog post! I love puns too!
    Good luck with your blog, stay in touch! :) x


  3. I'm Mexican American too :)
    and also a procrastinator lol