Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Netflix Binges

Like many, I am guilty of going on Netflix binges. You know, watching numerous episodes of a TV show (or seasons, lets be real) in a day.

I've been doing it since I've gotten my account and I've found some awesome new shows and re watched some good classics.

Here's my list of shows that are good to binge watch!

Orange Is The New Black

I gave in to the hype about this show and fell in love pretty fast. The casting is amazing and I love seeing all types of women represented. I also enjoy seeing the back stories and the how it shows realistic characters. I can't wait until season 3!

Law & Order: SVU
My sister was the one that got me into watching SVU. She used to watch it and eventually I started to watch with her and then I realized I knew all of the story lines. I like how this show imitates big public cases and adds their own twists to them. One downfall of the show is that I miss Stabler. The show isn't the same without him and I prefer to watch the episodes that he is in. (To be honest, what happened with Olivia in recent episodes, wouldn't have happened if he were there)

New Girl
I decided to watch this show because I didn't have anything else to watch. I started to watch and got bored and left it at that for a while. Then I got bored again and went for it. Now I love all the characters and I identify with Jess Day and how she thinks. The fact that she has her theme song in her head is VERY me.

Gossip Girl
The beginning seasons of this show were amazing and I loved everything about them but as the show progressed, it wasn't that good. The story lines were dragged out and the ending was rushed. Overall, I still love this show and I'm glad the couples I wanted to be end game were indeed end game. Ed Westwick is still out there killin' it with his looks and charm.

Desperate Housewives
At first, I didn't think I would like this show, I mean, I'm not a suburban middle aged mother. I ended up watching this like crazy and felt like I should be drinking wine that I can't legally consume and fighting with the husband that I don't have. Again, I love this show and this was how my love for Eva Longoria started. Her character is everything I wish to be...minus a few things.

I love this show so much and it holds a special place in my heart. As does JD/ Zach Braff. I still rewatch this when I'm down and it always makes me laugh. I heard rumors that it was being taken down though?? When you're feeling sad just listen to JD and Turk sing Guy Love and I promise you'll feel better.

Bob's Burgers
This is what I'm currently watching but I'm running out of episodes fast. Adult cartoons are amazing in general but this is kind of different. Instead of focusing on politics, it's an actual cartoon that was made to make the audience happy. I love all of the characters, especially Louise. I see myself in her the most, which is kind of scary (she's kind of scary).


  1. I love New Girl and Gossip Girl. I will say I stopped watching New Girl after season 3... it didn't seem as funny to me. But someone told me that season 4 gets better!


    1. That's true but I think it's still funny!

  2. New Girl and Scrubs are on my list too! :)
    Have you seen an episode of 2 Broke Girls? I love it too.

    1. I haven't but it's def on my shows to watch list though!

  3. I keep hearing about Orange is the New Black but idk if I'll ever give into the hype. o; Lol. New Girl and Gossip Girl are amazing! LOL Bob's Burgers is so weird, but it's hilarious!

    I've actually wondered about watching Desperate Housewives...I'll have to give it a shot, especially after your description, haha. I'm watching Friends right now and I absolutely love it! Have you watched One Tree Hill? ((:

    Lots of Love,
    Manpreet || Simply-M

    1. Haha, I'm glad! I used to watch One Tree Hill on and off as a kid but I could never get in to the show, maybe now that I'm older, I'll feel differently!

  4. I'm so excited you included Bob's Burgers in this list! Louise was my favorite starting the first episode!

    1. She just has a certain spunk that's very likeable! haha