Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Happy Things

Everyone has those days where everything goes wrong or you just can't catch a break. Over time I've been able to find specific things that pick me up when I'm down.

1. Freshly done nails.
I know I can't be the only one who feels so much better with my nails done. Something about my nails looking nice is so relaxing and calming. It's the feeling I'd expect if I ever got my life together.

2. Cleaning.
Well, not the cleaning process but the after feeling is nice.

3. One Direction.
They're my happy jams because even their saddest song couldn't upset me. And I love singing to all of their albums in the car and shower.

4. My puppies.
Does this even need explaining? Just look at them.

5. Summertime.
I can't stand anymore of this cold. I have not known warmth since the fall.

6. Grocery stores.
This one is a little weird. I've always liked going to grocery stores, they have a calming effect.

7. Makeup.
Makeup makes me happy but stores like Sephora and Ulta are dangerous. Even the makeup sections in Target and Walmart are bad for my wallet. I own too much makeup and I keep buying more but I can't help it, I NEED more.

8. Driving.
I like to drive around to relax. It's not good for the environment or my gas tank but still.

9. Domino's Pizza
The pizza place that has been there for me since I started the school year. I love them so much.

10. The people in my life.
I have some great people in my life from my family, to my boyfriend, to my best friend. I'm very #blessed.

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  1. Most things that make us happy are often taken for granted by others. Stay positive! :)

    1. Gotta take the time to appreciate them!